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Earn 5+ million coins per month with our all-in-one service. Secure & user-friendly autobuyer, sniping filters, and professional investment tips.

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How does Simple Trader work?


Our application automates the manual purchase process, allowing you to buy players at a lower market price than your competitors and profit.

Safety comes first. Because we are players and the security of our profiles was a top concern during development, our application looks for the most secure solutions from every possible perspective.

Thorough testing. We've been using it for over a year and haven't had a single profile banned. You can lessen your chances of being banned by following our rules.

Modern technology. Working with the most reliable and up-to-date solutions gives us the most competitive advantage in the Ultimate Team industry.

Support. The FUT Simple Trader is an easy-to-use additional tool that also provides basic advice and daily tips.

Account Safety. Since you are not required to provide data for your EA account while it is active, your profile is not at risk of additional threats.


Official PC, iOS & Android app. You can quickly and easily download and install our app from the official Chrome store, App store and Google play.

Our solutions

Maximize your competitive advantage

Use our services to improve your results.

EA FC 24 Autobuyer & Sniping Bot

User-friendly auto trading application

You can buy players below market price with the FUT Simple Trader plugin.

  • Customized search options
  • Automatic search and purchase
  • Automatic listing
  • Live filters
  • Various speed options
  • Notifications


Unique statistics center

Analyze your trading habits using the most recent data and follow the thorough statistics of all your transactions.

  • Real-time statistics data
  • Community trendings
  • Notifications
  • Configuration and profile management

Offical mobile applications

Make coins anywhere and anytime

Enjoy all the functions of our services on your mobile devices.

  • Official iOS App
  • Official Android App
  • All services in applications


Trading strategies and tips

By using the right trading tips, you can increase the effectiveness of our application even further.

  • Live filters
  • Trading methods
  • Modern guidelines
  • Discord Community

Pricing • Get started for free

One Subscription, Unlimited Possibilities

With the help of the Autobuyer and Live Sniping Filters, you can earn millions without trading knowledge.


4.90 +VAT per month
3.45 +VAT per month
Billed €13.90 + VAT annuall

Earn coins with our Autobuyer & Sniping Bot.

  • Desktop applications (PC & Mac)
  • Automatic search, purchase & list
  • Custom filter save & load
  • Slow & normal speed mode
  • Statistics center & Leaderboards
  • Notifications


9.90 +VAT per month
7.48 +VAT per month
Billed €29.90 + VAT annuall

Everything in Pro, and:

  • Access to iOS & Android application
  • Unlimited Preset & Live filters 2.0
  • Auto Trading & Filter rotation
  • Turbo speed mode
  • Trending charts (Community sniping)
  • Advanced trading and investment tips
  • Unlimited EA account changes
  • Priority Discord support
  • Access to latest features
Estimated profit / month * 5 million coins+

Start 24 hours free Premium trial

No credit card is required • 30 day money back guarantee at

*Our estimates are based on the results of our FIFA 23 users, with proper use, on a console platform.

Reviews & Community

Our Discord community represents an exceptionally high level, join our server to read more reviews and success stories.

News & tutorials


Take advantage of the latest tips and news.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the answers to your FUT Simple Trader questions right here.

General questions

The FIFA Ultimate Team Simple Trader is a powerful trading tool based on the FIFA Ultimate Team market. The application automates purchases while also providing tips and statistics on them. You can gain a competitive advantage over others by making purchases, allowing you to earn a measurable profit in the game's internal currency (FIFA Coin).

FIFA points and packages can be bought in the game to earn in-game money. Because this is entirely dependent on chance, you can only produce many coins at a high cost.

Another (illegal) option is to pay a high price to buy coins from online stores. A million coins are currently worth around $190.

However, with the help of FUT Simple Trader and some effort, you can quickly earn this number for only $20 per month.

Even inexperienced users can quickly reach a profit of 100,000 coins per day by following our general advice.

A more experienced trader can earn 300k to 800k per day.

Everything, of course, is dependent on basic liquidity as well as market intensity.


There is a small chance that EA will ban your account because it does not support third-party tools.

Using the app is the same as using it manually. All functions have been designed to control the WEB APP with traditional mouse clicks. As a result, it is not riskier than trading manually.

When EA discovers illegal coin trading, players are typically banned. If you follow the safety tips we've developed, you can almost eliminate the possibility of being banned. For example, if you buy or sell a player at a price higher than the market due to a mistyped filter.

Over the course of a year of testing, no profile was banned, and we earned more than 10 million coins.

Of course, EA uses automation and robots to protect itself from unauthorized coin access.

This causes it to automatically close after a certain number of searches and requires you to enter a Captcha. This proves that you are not a robot. After that, you can resume using the Web APP. This is how it works whether you search the market manually, automatically, through a WEB APP, or in a game.

There is also a "soft ban" that the player receives if he overuses the market. This is related to the number of searches and the number of successful transactions. You will be temporarily banned from using the market app from the Web APP if you exceed a certain limit. In this case, after pressing the search button, you will see a red error message and an empty web list of results. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a day, according to our tests, depending on the number of searches.

The good news is that sticking to our rules will completely prevent the "soft ban," and the captcha only occasionally appears. You can read more about safety tips here.

You can almost eliminate the chance of your profile and WEB APP being banned by following a few simple tips:

  • Always take breaks between stages of your search.
  • Keep your daily search numbers under 5,000 and spread them out as much as possible.
  • Use “Turbo Mode” for extensive searches only for a few minutes and then take a break.
  • Take a break from searching for a few hours if you still receive the “soft ban.”
  • Make sure to carefully and accurately complete the Captcha.
  • Play the game on a regular basis rather than just using the web app.
  • Be patient; if you follow these rules, you can make a profit!

Internal security measures frequently maintain our users' safety. For instance:

  • We do not allow you to sell the player for less than the price you paid for it.
  • We do not automatically bid when there are ten or more results in a search; approval is required to ensure that the settings are correct.
  • When no player is selected and a search is started, we must wait for confirmation.

Setup and Usage

Installing the FUT Simple Trader app from the official store only requires a Google Chrome browser. After installation, you must log in using your profile data. You can register or subscribe using this link.

Our plugin is available at this link. Launch the FIFA Web App after clicking the installation button, and the sidebar will appear. If the Web app was already open, an update is required before it will load.

Yes, we have mobile applications.

You can get to the statistics center by clicking on this link.

No, you can only link a subscription to one profile and one EA account. If you want to link your subscription to another EA account, please contact support@futsimpletrader.com.

According to our tests, 5,000 search numbers per day are safe. However, this should never be done all at once but rather throughout the day with breaks.

You can increase your efficiency by following these general guidelines:

  • Follow our "Safety Tips," which you can find HERE.
  • Check that the transaction has been set up in accordance with the prices before each listing.
  • Use our social features to share your experience with others.

The three-speed levels make it easier to use your daily search effectively.

You can earn coins all day long, almost passively, by using "Safe mode," which pauses for 2 minutes after 20 searches before continuing the search.

"Normal mode" is the average speed, and you can leave the app running for a while, but you should manually take breaks every 30 to 60 minutes.

"Turbo mode" doubles the speed of the search. You can use this when you need to react quickly to market changes. A 10- to 20-minute break is recommended. It requires the most attention, but you can quickly make huge profits.

There are three risk groups based on intensity: low risk, medium risk, and high risk. This indicates the possibility of receiving a “soft ban” or captcha. If you follow the guidelines, no restrictions will appear in either mode.

You can read more about the WEB APP defense mechanism and bans here.

Anyone can use the tool to buy cards at a lower price and then sell them at a higher price, so no market knowledge is required.

But if you want to maximize profit, it is worth learning a little about the market and trading trends and using the guidance we provide.

We provide general usage tips to all our users. Only our Premium subscribers receive personalized advice on current events.

Payment & Support

You can start your subscription through the Patreon platform. More details will be provided during the checkout process.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. After canceling your subscription, you can continue to use our services for the rest of the month.

If, despite the usage recommendations we've provided, you don't achieve a profit with the program, or in special cases, we will refund your subscription fee within 30 days. However, if you continue to use the application for multiple days and generate a profit, the refund guarantee will no longer be valid. The subscription fee will not be refunded even if you use a large number of Live filters. We will examine each case individually.

For lifetime purchases, there is no possibility for a refund.

Click here to join our Discord group and get trading advice from our community.