FC 24 Autobuyer: Fully Automatic Trading with Live Filters is coming

FC 24 Autobuyer: Fully Automatic Trading with Live Filters is coming

The feature list for EA FC 24 AutoBuyer has finally arrived. Considering your feedback, we have put our plans into action, even those that seemed like distant dreams. Let's begin.

Introducing AutoTrading

We announced this in the previous season, and this year, we are bringing fully automated trading to life. It's exactly as you imagine. With a single click, you can start your trading journey, and the FUT Simple Trader will operate in the background, automatically executing trades using Live filters. To ensure this feature is perfected for the public version, we require a larger group of testers during the first two months of the game. We'd like to reward our EA FC 24 Simple Trader pre-order customers, the VIP members, with this opportunity. If you haven't pre-ordered our service yet, you can do so until September 22nd.

Live Filters 2.0

In FIFA 23, we introduced market-revolutionizing Live filters in a unique way. With these filters, you can instantly access the most effective Ultimate Team sniping filters with just one click. Thousands of our users have generated significant profits, all without needing any trading expertise. Now, we're excited to introduce the upgraded 2.0 version for EA FC 24.

One of the most significant innovations is the introduction of the Auto Pricing feature. Uniquely, the prices of all our preset filters automatically update based on market fluctuations. This means you don't have to search and refresh them on Discord or various groups. You will always be just one click away from generating a profit. Within the application, we have categorized the Live filters into three groups:

Quick Filters

Your favourite FIFA 23 features are now grouped as "Quick filters. Each option has a duration of 4-7 minutes, during which you can generate remarkable profits compared to any other existing method. These filters continue to support "Supply," "Profit+," and "Rare" badges. You can find a detailed description of this feature here.

Preset & MultiSearch Filters

Our preset filters are designed for specific market scenarios, such as the "Early Access" period, sniping opportunities related to SBC solutions, or daily content-related market movements. With "MultiSearch," you can create filters that enable you to search for players with multiple rarities simultaneously. In our community, many have referred to this feature as "Big Snipe" because, with the right settings, you can snipe numerous expensive players simultaneously at a low price.

Custom Filters

Set your search criteria with precision, save them, and load your custom filters or share them with the community. With "Custom filters," you can even design your unique "MultiSearch" filters.

Official Desktop Applications (PC & Mac)

Trading becomes even more comfortable with desktop applications. Starting from FC 24, you can use the FUT Simple Trader not only as an official Google Chrome Extension but also as an official PC & Mac application. This offers a significantly more convenient user experience, allowing you to effortlessly run the program in the background. No need to open a new Chrome browser for trading; simply pin the application to your taskbar.

Official Mobile Applications (Android & iOS)

Build your dream team anywhere, anytime! Experience all the familiar and new features of FUT Simple Trader on your mobile device, all within a single app. You can access both the Web app plugin module and the Dashboard. We've made further improvements to the user experience, taking your feedback into account.

You can easily install the official Android and iOS apps from Google Play and the App Store.

Upgraded Dashboard & Statistics Center

We introduced the concept of the Dashboard in a groundbreaking way in January 2023. Monitoring statistics lies at the core of trading, and we're taking it to the next level. Now, you can access smarter "Trending" sections, visually presented charts, and even more advanced filtering options.

Additionally, you'll find our referral program here, offering you the opportunity to earn free premium subscriptions.

Community-Requested Features

Throughout the year, we've closely followed your requests on Discord, and as a result, we've added several small convenience features into FUT Simple Trader.

Ongoing Developments

Certainly, we won't pause our progress here; we have many more plans. Throughout the entire EA FC 24 Ultimate Team season, we will continue to introduce improvements through monthly updates.

We hope you've enjoyed the introduction of EA FC 24 Simple Trader. Don't forget that you can pre-order the service at a discounted rate until September 22nd, offering a 50% discount for the entire year. Additionally, consider the extra services provided with the VIP rank and the opportunity to participate in testing fully automated trading.