How to Get Coins in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team? Trade and AutoBuyer Tips to Start the Game

How to Get Coins in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team? Trade and AutoBuyer Tips to Start the Game

The new season will start soon, and we can begin building our Ultimate Team with a renewed game, mostly using methods that have been proven successful in recent years. We've compiled the most important information on how to start the game, so the Simple Trader community can kick off EA FC 24 with the best possible advantage.

Table of Contents

  1. What is EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?
  2. What changes can be expected in the market?
    1. Cross PC and Console Market
    2. The position modifier has been removed
    3. New PlayStyle system, but Chem style trading remains
    4. More untradeable cards are expected
    5. Female players = more supply
  3. What methods of acquiring coins will be effective?
  4. The Best Trade & AutoBuyer Tips to Start the Game
    1. Early Access Advantage
    2. SBC Solutions
    3. Extinct Cards
  5. Summary

What is EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?

Since 1993, FIFA has lent its name to Electronic Arts products in more than 30 games, but this will change starting in 2024. The EA-FIFA partnership has come to an end, but the game's development rights will remain with Electronic Arts, allowing them to continue producing the market-leading football game on their own. In practice, this change won't have a significant impact as the game modes (including Ultimate Team), leagues, team, and player licenses will all remain intact. The most notable change will be the use of the name itself, as starting from September, we'll be able to purchase the current edition under the name EA Sports FC.

What changes can be expected in the market?

Cross PC and Console Market

Among the first official news is that this year's Ultimate Team (UT) will finally have only one cross- market for all platforms. This means that the prices for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC will be the same. As a result, the market can be expected to move faster, and a positive effect is anticipated in terms of trading and the use of AutoBuyer.

This is doubly good news for PC players, as they have always been at a disadvantage compared to console players due to their smaller user base. All alternative coin acquisition methods (buying, trading, and using AutoBuyer) were more difficult and expensive on PC, considering the limited availability of coins, cards, and users.

The position modifier has been removed

After many years, the position modifier card will be completely eliminated. As a result, we can now change the positions of our players for free. However, this change comes with certain limitations. For instance, R9 cannot be a CB unless you obtain a Shapeshifter card. The practice of sniping for position modifications will no longer be necessary. However, this change is not expected to bring significant alterations to the Simple Trader community since we already offer much more efficient methods.

New PlayStyle system, but Chem style trading remains

The PlayStyle system is introduced, representing a significant evolution from previous games. It brings a much more complex trait system, allowing players to customize their cards with unique features like extra tricks, finesse shots, or outstanding defensive abilities. EA's official deep drive trailer provided detailed information on this exciting addition.

Despite the introduction of the PlayStyle system, the previous chemistry style will continue to exist. As a result, the popular method known as "Chem style trading," well-loved by the community, will also remain in effect.

More untradeable cards are expected

EA is significantly increasing the number of untradeable cards that can be obtained through in-game play or by opening packs. The purpose of this change is to reduce the coin supply in the market and encourage players to purchase FIFA points. In the final game of FIFA 23, the Canadian company tested a new kind of pack that offered good chances at a high price, but with untradeable cards.

This change is considered a negative point for the market since players will have fewer coins available for trading. Consequently, there will be a reduced pool of cards to use in trading and sniping techniques, limiting the opportunities for certain trading strategies.

Female players = more supply

This year, female players will be included in the Ultimate Team, although they will be grouped together with male players. As a result, a significant increase in the number of cards is expected, which could boost market activity. However, there is a question of how much interest players will have in the 1-1 women's card. Based on the initial feedback, this innovation has received a rather negative response.

What methods of acquiring coins will be effective?

Like previous years, the primary methods of earning coins remain unchanged: playing matches and purchasing EA FC points. Additionally, alternative methods such as buying coins, trading, and using AutoBuyer will continue to be practical options this year. Many players will be pleased with this reliability, as these methods allow them to obtain cards that may be otherwise hard to reach at a more favorable value for money. We have provided detailed information about these methods in a previous article.

The Best Trade & AutoBuyer Tips to Start the Game

Early Access Advantage

At the beginning of the game, we can gain a significant advantage, especially with the opportunities offered by early access. If you purchase the "Ultimate Edition," you will have access to the UT market in the Web app a few days earlier. This provides the opportunity to use AutoBuyer to hunt for almost any card, leading to potential profits for sure.

SBC Solutions

Coins are in high demand currently, as everyone is trying to complete the limited SBCs available. As a result, numerous average-rated cards required for SBCs are becoming unavailable in the market. These cards are particularly valuable to search for. For instance, last year, at the beginning of the game, a seemingly worthless, gold rare Enzo Fernandez card piece could easily generate a profit of 2-8K coins when used in the right SBC.

Extinct Cards

During the early stages of the game, most people gain an advantage and earn extra coins by investing their collected virtual currency in meta cards. As the number of users increases, a substantial number of coins are introduced into the market, causing the prices of these cards to rise. In many cases, this also leads to pushing the price range higher. For instance, in FIFA 23, Nkunku's card could be acquired for under 30k during the initial period, but eventually, it could be sold for over 100k. Hunting for these cards with an AutoBuyer is also profitable, as the most desirable cards tend to become extinct on the market, making them nearly impossible to obtain through manual purchases.


No significant changes are expected in the market. The introduction of the cross-market system will likely have the most influence. As a result, alternative coin acquisition methods, including using AutoBuyer, which showed high effectiveness in the previous year, are expected to achieve significant success once again.