Live filters: best EA FC 24 (FIFA 24) sniping filters for predictable profit

Live filters: best EA FC 24 (FIFA 24) sniping filters for predictable profit

This post introduces you to one of the most effective and simplest EA FC (FIFA) sniping methods. Anyone without trading knowledge can achieve a monthly profit of 4-5 million.

Table of contents

  1. How to use Live filters?
  2. When should I use Live filters?
  3. How to choose the best Live filters?
    1. Time
    2. Best price category
    3. Badges
  4. Adapt to events, be creative
  5. Live Filters 2.0 for FC 24

Live sniping filters work based on a constantly evolving algorithm developed by us. These are only valid for a few minutes, and you have a much better chance of sniping cards at a lower price.

The filters are updated every minute, 24 hours a day, so you can continuously profit from them. Our users who used the feature generated 4-5 million profit in 1 month.

In addition, from a security point of view, it is one of the best solutions for using autobuyer. You always search for different cards using a different search number and time interval.

How to use Live Filters?

1. In the autobuyer sidebar, click the "Load live filters" button (1).

2. Select the filter you want (2a) to use from the list that appears, then click the "Load selected filter" button (2b).

3. The application then loads the filter data for the search settings. The system automatically determines how long it will search for the current filter. This is usually 4-8 minutes (3).

4. Decide the lowest price at which a player can be bought using a standard search (4a). This is the price when the result list includes only a few items, and the cards have nearly 59 minutes to be bid on (4b). After checking the price, go back to the search settings page (4c).

5. Enter the price specified in point 4 in the "Sell price" section (5a). Then set the "Max buy now" price (5b) to a lower value until you see at least 500-1000 coins in the "Minimum profit" section (5c).

6. After finishing the settings, click the "Start auto click and buy" button to begin the search (6). The app will begin imitating the manual search process. The winning items are automatically listed, and we can profit after selling. Perform at least 50-100 searches per filter, but waiting for the predetermined 4-8 minutes to elapse is worth waiting. After the time expires, the search will stop automatically.

7. Then, choose another filter and start the process from the beginning. After using 3-4 filters, take a break of 5-15 minutes. The filter does not always produce results in this time. In this case, feel free to move on to the next one.

When should I use Live filters?

Choosing the right time determines our profit.

There are a maximum of 5,000 searches per day with recommended autobuyers, so we must do this efficiently. What we search for in hours at worse times, we can reach in a few minutes at peak times.

We have prepared a general table in which we have indicated when it is most worthwhile to search. Daily content and packs can affect this, but if you follow this chart, you'll get closer to the best efficiency.

How do you choose the best filters?

The Live filters offer a better option than average sniping, but you can further increase their effectiveness with the help of a few additional tricks.


The filters are valid for 4-8 minutes, so it is worth choosing one that is as close to 8 minutes as possible.

Best price category

The best price category is between 100-150k. So if you have the opportunity, choose these filters.


The possibility of extra profit is marked with badges on each filter.

Supply: we indicate that if a card is in the packs, many more are on the market so that you can expect more results.

Profit+: Our system sees a high chance of making a higher profit with these cards.

Rare: few of these cards are on the market, so there are fewer transactions, but they offer a chance for extra high profits.

A filter can have several badges. For example, one of the best combinations is to search for filters with Supply and Profit+ badges during peak hours.

Adapt to events, and be creative

Daily content always offers extra opportunities for profit. For example, if a new promo arrives on Friday, we know these cards are the most popular, so prioritizing them among the active filters is worth it.

The statistics in the article are based on a 1-month interval on a console platform.

Live Filters 2.0 for FC 24

In FIFA 23, we revolutionized the market with Live Filters, offering a unique way to enhance your trading experience. With these filters, accessing the most effective Ultimate Team sniping options is now as easy as a single click. Thousands of our users have already reaped substantial rewards, even without trading knowledge. And now, we're thrilled to present the enhanced 2.0 version for FC 24.

One of the standout features of this update is the introduction of "Auto Pricing". Remarkably, our preset filters automatically adapt to market fluctuations. You will always be one click away from maximum profit.

Try Live Filters for free, and join our community in our Discord group for more information and trading tips.